Non-standard custom

Mixing Tank & Stainless Steel Vessel Manufacturer

Able to comply with GMP standards of many countries

Stainless Steel Vessel
Milling machine
Laser cutting
Plasma welding
Automatic polishing
Manual detail polishing
3L-30L small stainless steel vessel

Small Vessels Series

Stainless Steel Vessel

Storage Tank Series

Stainless steel mixing tank

Mixing Tank Series

Liquid filter housing

Filter Housing & Heat Exchanger

Three stage homogeneous emulsion pump

Mechanical Components

Why choose us?

Please inform us of your requirements or provide URS documentation. We will make non-standard customization according to your requirements.


Stainless Steel Vessel & Tank Manufacturer

Suitable for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, energy and other industries.
Familiar with ASME-BPE, PED-CE and other standards, complying with GMP regulations.

Company strength

18,000 square meters production workshop, annual production capacity of more than 5,000 units


With more than 10 senior R&D and design engineers, Reson Machinery is continuously cultivating new technical talents.

Price advantage

We have our own factory, which saves costs and is reasonably priced.


7*24 hours online customer service, after-sales response within 24 hours.


Each step of the process is meticulously researched, from the selection of materials to the refinement of the product.


Standard products will be shipped within 7 days, non-standard customization will be delivered in 30-45 days after the design plan is determined.

Stainless steel sanitary vessels


we can become your trusted vessel supplier

We know how to provide stainless steel vessels and stainless steel tanks that comply with national laws and regulations (e.g. GMP, PED, etc.).

Please feel free to entrust us with the production of pressure vessel and tank for your project.

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